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Know What Gurus Think About Theoretical Rationale Definition

Know What Gurus Think About Theoretical Rationale Definition

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theoretical rationale definition

Theoretical Rationale Definition - Is it a Scam?

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The Meaning of Theoretical Rationale Definition

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The 30-Second Trick for Theoretical Rationale Definition

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The History of Mac Memory Cleaner Refuted

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The History of Mac Memory Cleaner Refuted

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Of continuing your training, the significance

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The disease known as Lupus is one which has garnered more attention in The Bahamas in recent years. Although not as common as heart disease and diabetes nor as aggressively deadly as HIV/AIDS and stroke, lupus still affects many Bahamian lives, causing physical, emotional, and financial distress for those suffering from the disease along with their families and loved ones. Like breast cancer, those affected by lupus are primarily women. About 9 out of 10 cases of lupus patients are females between the ages of 15-44. For the sake of our Bahamian women, and in loving memory of those who have succumbed to lupus, let us take the time to educate ourselves on this potentially deadly disease. The month of May is Lupus Awareness Month, and Physiocare wishes to do its part in spreading knowledge and awareness of this horrifying disease. Lupus is a type of autoimmune disease that can be difficult to diagnose due to the vast range of different symptoms the disease can display, depending on which type is contracted and which organ is affected. Known as ‘the great imitator’, it’s common to misdiagnose Lupus as another disease related to the afflicted body part, such as mistaking it for rheumatoid arthritis when it affects the bones and joints, or thinking it is Alzheimer’s disease when it afflicts the brain. Occasionally, there are tell-tale signs of the disease, such as a symmetrical “butterfly” rash on the face. Apart from this ‘trademark’ symptom, which does not manifest in all cases, Lupus can be easily mistaken for a different illness with similar signs and symptoms. There is no single laboratory test to diagnose lupus. Rather, a doctor who suspects that a patient has lupus will look at various factors such as the patient’s present symptoms, past medical history, lab test results, and family history in order to determine if they possibly have the disease.   One of the reasons lupus is so tricky to diagnose is because there is no single known definitive cause. Most often the cause of the disease is attributed to a combination of genetic inheritance, environmental factors, hormones, certain medications, and abnormal immune response to infection. Being an autoimmune disease, lupus will cause the afflicted person’s immune system to produce antibodies that attack healthy cells and tissues just as they would attack the infected tissue. This can manifest as a host of possible symptoms. The most commonly experienced are inflammation, joint pain, and skin rashes. However, depending on the type of lupus contracted, the symptoms can be as extreme as memory loss, dyspnea (difficult or painful breathing), anaemia, vascular disease, heart problems, liver damage, or kidney failure (a major cause of death in lupus sufferers). It is difficult to know exactly how many patients have died from lupus because they may well have been misdiagnosed, and their cause of death falsely attributed to something else. It is quite possible that some of the deaths attributed to heart disease (the number one cause of death in The Bahamas, statistically) can actually be blamed on complications caused by lupus.   There is currently no cure for lupus, and treatment of it can prove to be a challenge for doctors, but symptoms can be managed to ease the effects of the disease. Lupus tends to follow a pattern of swinging between periods of ‘flare ups’ and periods of remission, either of which could last months at a time. With proper care, periods of remission can be extended to last years at a time before another flare up. Treatment during flare ups usually involves any medication that reduces the common symptoms of lupus, such as anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation, and ibuprofen or other painkillers to reduce pain and fever. The most important medication prescribed to lupus sufferers are immunosuppressant drugs such as corticosteroids that would reduce the damage that the immune system inflicts on the body. Although this last treatment would seemingly have the unwanted secondary effect of increasing vulnerability to disease, lupus sufferers generally are already more susceptible to infection.   In addition to the pharmaceutical treatment of Lupus, another effective treatment for the management of Lupus is physical therapy. Light stretching and conditioning exercises can go a long way in combating the limited range of motion and inflammation of joints, as well as weakness and motor function of muscles, caused by lupus. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy can also help reduce inflammation and swelling, and gentle massage therapy could effectively reduce pain in addition to lifting the patient’s mood and keeping them in good spirits. Understandably, certain physiotherapy activities will be difficult to perform during painful flare ups, and the therapist will adjust the treatment routine to suit the patient’s needs.   While lupus is still relatively unknown to the general Bahamian public, the fight against the disease took a huge step with the formation of the group Lupus 242 in April 2012. The group aims to campaign for proper diagnostic standards and treatment for sufferers, as well as more intensive research into finding a cure. The group meets every month to raise awareness and provide support for those suffering from the disease, and they have a facebook page for those wishing to keep abreast of their latest developments. Lupus cannot be taken lightly. The late president and founder of Lupus 242, Shanelle Brennan, passed away just two months ago after battling lupus for more than twenty years. Her death is a testament to the seriousness of this disease and the importance of her legacy.

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